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How much is too much?

What do OnGuard online training units cost anyway?

10 cents - per unit - per day (based on a 5 day week) - unlimited users

50 cents - per unit - per week (based on 5 school days) - unlimited users

$2.00 - per unit - per month (4 weeks) - unlimited users

$20.00 - per unit - per year (10 months - because we don't charge for holidays) - unlimited users

So - can your budget accommodate this annual cost to have the most recognised and most used online safety training resource specifically designed for STEM and technology curriculum in Australian schools?


What learning areas do our safety training resources service?

Why use OnGuard Safety?

The OnGuard Safety program developer has designed and produced several unique digital media training packages for the education market since starting business in 1999. From the start he had two distinct goals. First, assist technology teachers to fulfil their WHS duty of care while demonstrating a high degree of due diligence and second, to put in place documented procedures to protect teachers in the event of a serious workshop incident involving one of their students. The resulting safety training resources are preventative by their very nature, afford a visible level of protective care and are proactive by their deliberate design. OnGuard Safety now offers comprehensive workshop safety audits and teacher currency training for the majority of workshop machines and equipment used in schools. Quite simply, this means an excellent level of service, high quality face-to-face and online training delivery and most importantly - peace of mind!

Why invest in a 'BYOD' training solution?

  • Convenient. BYOD promotes anytime, anywhere learning. Students are no longer confined to a computer room. Students have access to assigned work at their fingertips. A mobile device can be used in any environment, including school workshops.
  • Empowering. Students feel empowered when they are in control of their learning. With BYOD, students have a choice of device, which makes their learning more individual and encourages a student's natural desire to learn.
  • Efficient. Students upgrade their mobile devices quite regularly. The technology they use is more often the latest and greatest.
  • Responsible. By giving students a productive opportunity to use their mobile devices, they are less inclined to use them inappropriately.
  • Educational. When students leave high school, they will have knowledge and skills to enable them as independent learners in the next phase of their lives.

Preventative in nature, Protective in practice, Proactive by design

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