Why OnGuard Safety?

Our training resources are PREVENTATIVE by their very nature, afford a visible level of PROTECTIVE care and are PROACTIVE by their deliberate design. Quite simply, this means that the Team at OnGuard Safety will deliver an excellent level of service and industry quality training resources to meet your needs.

We provide a comprehensive array of training resources for machinery, power tools, equipment and procedures.
The curriculum areas we cover include ALL Technologies, VET, Drama, PE/Sport and Science.

Typically the resources provided for each training unit include:
  • an online SOP
  • online knowledge test
  • tutorial worksheet
  • wall SOP poster
  • risk assessment
  • safety zone diagram
  • student use authorisations
  • machine inspection checklist
  • machine maintenance register

  • All of these resources are delivered via our own user friendly OnGuard Safety Learning Management System (LMS).
    All data is recorded, stored and tracked for easy retrieval and report generation.
    Most importantly - our secure servers are located in Sydney - Australia. Simply put - OnGuard Safety is recognised as a leader in the education sector, for the provision of online WHS training.


    Why OnGuard Safety? The three photos displayed of school students using workshop machinery were taken 20 years ago in Bruce's wood workshop. Even then Bruce was a stickler for safety. Note the use of e-stop emergency buttons, individual machine lock-out switches, student PPE, Australian Standards safety signage and compliant machine guarding. Bruce has been involved in technology education since 1975. Ten years service with the NSW DET saw him attain the position of Industrial Arts Head Teacher. The next twenty years Bruce taught in Catholic Education and served in many roles including TAS Co-ordinator, Regional Technology Consultant, Curriculum Co-ordinator, Administration Co-ordinator and WHS Manager. Although he retired from teaching in 2007, he continues to provide WHS resources, consultancy, training and auditing services to schools throughout Australia. Bruce is a member of the Safety Institute of Australia and the National Safety Council of Australia. He has several qualifications including an Industrial Arts Education Degree, an Industrial Arts Diploma of Teaching, an Associate Certificate of Design and Technology, a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and a Certificate II in Information Technology. Bruce is the 'brain child' behind the OnGuard Safety Training Program. Although he created this innovative product over 20 years ago, he continually strives to add new features to the suite of OnGuard products and create quality resources for technology teachers.
    Article - "Road to Innovation" - IIA-TE Vol 1 2015

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    Why invest in a 'BYOD' training solution?

    • Convenient. BYOD promotes anytime, anywhere learning. Students are no longer confined to a computer room. Students have access to assigned work at their fingertips. A mobile device can be used in any environment, including school workshops.
    • Empowering. Students feel empowered when they are in control of their learning. With BYOD, students have a choice of device, which makes their learning more individual and encourages a student's natural desire to learn.
    • Efficient. Students upgrade their mobile devices quite regularly. The technology they use is more often the latest and greatest.
    • Responsible. By giving students a productive opportunity to use their mobile devices, they are less inclined to use them inappropriately.
    • Educational. When students leave high school, they will have knowledge and skills to enable them as independent learners in the next phase of their lives.

    Preventative in nature, Protective in practice, Proactive by design


    We understand the specific safety training demands involved when delivering technology based courses to students in secondary schools. From new staff, ancillary support persons, through to workplace managers, your workshop staff will participate in practical, effective training to help them better understand the navigation and content of our OnGuard Safety Learning Management System. We are able to offer the following forms of training:

    Free Telephone Training

    All OnGuard Safety Training clients are entitled to free telephone training sessions. These sessions can be for as long as you require. This service forms part of your 'Software As A Service' fee. Book our trainer to suit your schedule.

    On-Site Training - OnGuard STEM Administration

    We are able to provide on-site training for all your staff. There is an additional cost involved with this user-pay service as it also includes travel and accommodation expenses.

    Zoom Teleconferencing

    All OnGuard Safety clients can utilise this free service feature. These sessions are limited to 40 minutes. This service forms part of your Software As A Service annual fee. Book our trainer to suit your schedule.

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